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Trade, Tourism and Industrialization


To be a globally competitive industrial and investment society, a vibrant cooperative, trade and tourism sector through enabling policy and legal frame work for sustainable solid socio economic development for all.

To provide efficient, affordable and reliable infrastructure for sustainable economic growth and development through modernization, rehabilitation and effective management of all infrastructure facilities in the County

Core Values and Principles

Organization of the Department

Directorate Functions & Core Mandate

  • Promote trade development and regulation
  • Market development which will include development of wholesale and retail trade
  • Coordinate business development services
  • Manage County Physical Markets and regulation of hawking activities
  • Collect and disseminate business information
  • Promote export trade and domestication of dilators, international and regional agreements on trade
  • Promote and facilitation of inter County and cross-border trade
  • Conduct of trade fairs/exhibitions and facilitating trade mission in the County and abroad
  • Promote use of E-commerce
  • Business training and information dissemination
  • Develop support of Micro and Small Business
  • Encourage and development of entrepreneurs
  • Maintain fair trade practices and consumer protection including intellectual property rights and quality control
  • Initiate industrialization programs
  • Collaborate with stakeholders in the development of trade and industry
  • Promote application of appropriate industrial technology
  • Inspect weighing and measuring instruments and pre-packed goods
  • Investigate and prosecute offences arising from unfair trade practices
  • Provide market information and advisory services
  • Provide investment advisory services



  • Implement Tourism Policy
  • Develop, promote and market local tourism
  • Collaborate with stakeholders in the establishment and enforcement of codes of practice and standards for tourism
  • Implement the conservation and protection of wildlife heritage policy
  • Development of tourism products and sites
  • Undertake research and innovation in tourism
  • Film development
  • Brand the County’s initiative
  • Liaise and coordinate with international, regional and local institutions on tourism issues
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