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Public Service Management, Administration, ICT, Protocol, Customer Care and Public Communication

Tana River county is divided into five (5) sub counties namely:-

1. Tana Delta Sub-County
2. Tana River Sub-County
3. Tana North Sub-County
4. Galedyertu Sub-County
5. Bangal Sub-County


  1. Garsen Central ward
  2. Garsen South ward
  3. Garsen North ward
  4. Kipini West ward
  5. Kipini East ward
  1. Hirimani ward
  2. Chewele ward
  3. Nanighi ward
  4. Sala Ward
  5. Madogo ward
  6. Bangal ward
  1. Chewani ward
  2. Kinakomba ward
  3. Wayu ward ward
  4. Mikinduni ward

In total, Tana River County is represented widely by fifteen Wards (15) each with a ward administrator.
The wards are further divided into villages. Each of these administrative units needs an administrator to be in charge at each level.

Create a dynamic, successful and vibrant County of excellence with a safe, secure and stable environment

To sustain improved efficiency and effectiveness throughout the public sector

Core Values and Principles

Organization of the Department

Directorate Functions & Core Mandate

  • Leverage Public participation and enhance civic education in the County
  • General Administration of county entities
  • Coordination of decentralized units
  • Strengthen human resource management and development
  • Institutionalize Public service reforms and policy development
  • Implementation of policies and strategies on Information Communication Technology
  • Inventory control and maintenance of ICT equipment’s
  • Administration of servers/internet
  • Preparation of data for backup storage
  • Provide technical advice to Information Communication Technology users
  • Develop and upgrade software and hardware specifications
  • Preparation of proposals on hard/software
  • Co-ordination of training for ICT end-users
  • Development of hardware and software specifications
  • Design and implementation of office automation solutions; and
  • Provision of advice on technological options and challenges on ICT emerging trends
  • Coordinate development of visuals, audio visuals, web-based advertisements and other broadcast materials.
  • Oversee the updating and maintenance of media contacts/materials and other stakeholder databases
  • Coordinates the generation of website and other social media content
  • Implements corporate communication strategies and policies.
  • Generates opinion editorials and proof reads internal and external communication documents.
  • Liaise with departments to provide content for publicity of the County Government’s events and engagements.
  • Participate in the development of content for publication of newsletters and documentaries.
  • Edit press releases/statements, keynote speeches and annual reports.
  • Prepare talking notes and speeches for staff during media interviews and press conferences.
  • Participate in perception surveys, media content research and analyses, gather communication intelligence and carry out audience analysis.
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