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Environment and Climate Change

The department is headed by a CECM who is in charge of environment and climate change.

Environmental protection and management ensures protection of forests. The department works closely with agencies like NEMA, KWS, KFS and other aligned departments and NGOs. Our goal is to turn each household into a main driver of environmental conservation. We have e laborate plans to sensitize communities across the county on importance of environmental conservation.


Champion in ensuring maintenance of ecosystem and the communities is to adapt and resilience to climate change.

To enhance climate change effects, provide efficient and safe environment. 

Core Values and Principles

Organization of the Department

Directorate Functions & Core Mandate

  • Refuse removal, refuse dumps and solid waste disposal
  • Control of water, air and noise pollution
  • Control and regulate public nuisances
  • Manage county parks and recreation facilities
  • Establish tree nurseries and planting of trees to enhance forest cover
  • Coordinate Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental audits for the County programs
  • Control sound and air pollution in the County
  • Implement environmental conservation, campaigns and beautification programs in the County
  • Ensure all natural resources are utilized in a sustainable manner and reclamation of degenerated areas; and
  • Implementing Environmental Conservation
  • Coordinate the implementation of the Tana River County Climate Change Act 2021 and other relevant legislations on climate change
  • Take lead in the mainstreaming of climate change in the formulation and implementation of county plans
  • Monitoring and reporting on climate change initiatives
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