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Residents of Tana River today had their day, as they got the chance to air their views and opinions on the proposed affordable Housing Bill 2023.

Though opinions were divided with many believing that the proposed housing project will be of great benefit to many in Tana, it was largely agreed that a lot has to worked on, before the bill is passed into law.

The Parliamentary Departmental Commitee on Housing, Urban Planning and Public Works led by Emurua Dikirr MP Hon. Johana Ngeno, has been criss-crossing the Country, as they seek to get public views on the bill through public participation programs.

H.E the Governor Maj. (Rtd) Dr. Dhadho Gaddae Godhana asked the National Government to ensure that the program, especially that of affordable housing starts in rural and marginalised counties like Tana where proper housing, infrastructure and basic services are need the most.

“No one is against the housing program. Not even those considered to be in the opposition. We actually need that here more than anyone else as it aligns with out urbanization agenda which we are very passionate about. But what we are saying is that it has to be implemented in accordance with the law. We are saying there are some underlying issues which have to be fixed. So that we don’t face problems in the long run.” H.E the Governor said.

On his part, Hon. Ngeno said all opinions have been well documented, and will be taken seriously and respected.

About two hundred (200) housing units are set to be put up in each of the three (3) constituencies in the County of Tana River.

Several leaders, including Tana River Senator Hon. Danson Mungatana, Galole MP Hon. Said Hiribae and several senior County officials were part of the discussion.


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