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H.E the Governor Maj. (Rtd) Dr. Dhadho Gaddae Godhana held a meeting with the PS for irrigation Eng. Gitonga Mugambi formerly the CEO of the National Irrigation Board.

In the meeting, the Governor expressed his concerns on the Bura gravity project through which the success of the Bura water supply is dependent on.

They also discussed on the County governments program to mobilize local residents into the scheme so that they benefit from the County land expansion program in both Hola and Bura irrigation schemes, and asked the PS to work together with the County government towards the success of the programs aimed at increasing production, address the food insecurity situation, meet the market demands and feed into the value addition programs that the County government is undertaking.

Besides, the Governor discussed the concerns by the local population on the intended construction of a hydro – Electric Dam in the upper Tana which seeks to divert water into the hinterland, to help reclaim the arid hinterland for agriculture.

The Governor objected to the proposal warning to serious consequences on the Riverine livelihoods and Eco-systems which he indicated have already suffered greatly, displacing farmlands and forests, leading to the current food shortages and loss of habitats for wildlife and bird species following the already construction of dams upstream. He asked the PS not to shy away from advising the National Government on the danger, should they force its implementation as currently thought out.

He however gave his option to harvest surface water from the ten (10) seasonal rivers which he said can serve the purpose without consequences.

H.E emphasized that such projects should be subjected to public participation first, before final planning and implementation.


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