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Roads and Transport

H.E the Governor Dr. Dhadho Godhana Gaddae addresses critical concerns at a meeting with the Ministry of Roads and Transport, highlighting the marginalization impacting Tana River’s development. CS Murkomen listened as the Governor emphasized the challenges exposed by El-Nino rains, rendering none of the county’s roads passable.

Tana laments the absence of a government tarmac road since independence and no ongoing road projects. The Governor underscores the need for attention to infrastructural development.

Additionally, he noted the absence of plans for a county airstrip, while neighboring counties flourish with airports and well-maintained airstrips annually.

The meeting saw active participation from Senator Hon Danson B Mungatana ,Women Rep Hon Amina Dika, Hon Said Buya Hiribae MP Galole Constituency, Hon. Ali Wario -Hashaka- MP Garsen Constituency collectively contributing to the dialogue for a brighter future for Tana River.


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